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Malicious software in the form of viruses, Trojan horses, spy ware, worms, and more can be one of the most debilitating threats to a company with a large network due to the fact that this code often propagates throughout the corporate network and beyond with great steps being taken by their authors to prevent detection and removal while effecting the most damage.

While not directly harmful to the end user machine, Spam has the capability to produce lost productivity through littering a corporate mail system with non relevant email that can often also leads to sites that will then attempt to download other malicious software to the users machine causing other problems.

Solutions such as the Barracuda network appliance are an Anti Spam powerhouse that can reduce or eliminate Spam, Phishing, Spy Ware (as attachments), and provides email based Anti Virus capabilities as well.

The solution comes in a space saving 1U rack mountable form factor with the Model 200 series handling up to 1 million emails per day, up to 500 email users, and 50 domains.

The device works by simply pointing your MX record(s) to the spam firewall and then provide the spam firewall with your email server information. The Barracuda then intercepts all mail BEFORE it gets to the email server or users desktop and quarantines the malicious email while allowing the “good” email to get through.

Options such as white listing, black listing, coordination with spam host clearinghouses and more all make the device very easy to use and Evolution Designs has found it to be very effective.

Users receive a periodic email with a summary of actions, and can also proactively check the device to verify that no email is being quarantined that should not be.

Due to the overwhelming number of Spy Ware infections that Evolution Designs has spent countless hours removing at our customer’s sites, we have made the decision that desktop software products are just not enough.

A network appliance that stops spy ware on the wire before it can be downloaded to the client PC is the only sure fire method by which spy ware can be stopped.

Like a regular firewall, the Barracuda Spy Ware Firewall sits on the inside of the router between users and the Internet and views the packets coming across the wire. As the device analyzes files attempting to be downloaded, sites being visited, and outbound traffic from clients on your network, it compares the traffic to several databases to determine whether or not the traffic contains malicious data. If a malicious download, access to a known spy ware distribution site, or already infected computer is found, the Administrator is notified and if applicable, the download, or access to the known malicious site is not allowed.

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