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Providing solid server components is one of the first steps to ensuring that your day to day business operations happen quickly, securely, and without interruption.

Working closely with each customer, we will examine the requirements submitted to us and provide a server hardware and software solution that is custom tailored to your specific needs.

Evolution Designs relies on Microsoft Server 2003 exclusively for building server operating systems that stand up to the rigors of daily business transactions. Whether it be serving Web pages, a multi-machine database cluster, email server, or file server, Evolution Designs trusts Microsoft Server 2003 for a resilient, cost effective and feature laden server operating system.

Server hardware varies from customer to customer but can include server platforms by Dell or HP both of which have provided our current and previous customers with an excellent server, with a great warranty and numerous upgrade options as the server life cycle evolves.

Our network printing and faxing solutions consist of industry standard HP printers and the Captaris Rightfax network faxing product. HP network printers are robust and reliable, easy to configure and maintain, and have long duty cycles that eliminate or reduce costly printer maintenance contracts that become a problem with other products.

The Captaris Rightfax solution stands on its own as an integrated faxing solution for your whole enterprise. By leveraging Microsoft’s Active Directory with reliable and high speed Brook Trout fax boards, Captaris has devised a solution for all of your faxing needs.

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